Bill Gates praises India progress in the world economy race

Although India has least resources as most of the develop counties has, and also has a lot of crises like poverty, over population, not have advance education system in every sector, and also the big problem is to develop and spend budget on to maintain forces, buy advance weapons, defence systems, missiles and so on because of enmity with Pakistan. There are two battles (in 1963 and 1971) was occurred between India and Pakistan which cost each a lot.

So with all the crisis and have least resources as India progress it deserve praise, so Bill Gates didn’t silent on the progression of India and he praises india on twitter that although India has little resources like many other counties but in spite of limited resources and hurdles India making progress leaps and bounds.

Bill Gates left this tweet on twitter “Like every other country on the planet, India has limited resources. But it has shown us how the world can still make progress in spite of that constraint.”

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